About Kachita Spell


Kachita Spell is beauty brand distributed under the company Novum Enterprise Inc. and manufactured entirely in the USA. The quality and naturalness with which comprises our products makes it a flagship product among hair professionals for smoothing and shine. Novum Enterprise Inc. is an American company with Cuban roots, which is why our products bear the name Kachita, affectionate name by which it is known to the Virgin of Charity of Cuba.

The great devotion of the Cuban people to the image of the Virgin and protection made Novum Enterprise Inc. put its brand name as a way to honor the patron of the Cuban people in the world, the Our Lady of Charity. Moreover, the name also represents Cuban women, where miscegenation has brought unprecedented beauty in women of the island and unique in the world. Innovation, quality, ease and professionalism are the basis Novum Enterprise Inc. is applied in the manufacture of beauty products to give outstanding results. Its features make our company is redefining beauty.